- Advanced Active Cooling for unlimited fluoroscopy time

- ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) for optimized image quality, even if an object is moving or the region of interest is not centered

- Small footprint of just 0.8 m²

Ease of Use

- Synchronized Vision Center touchscreen user interfaces on C-arm and monitor cart
- Steer and brake functions activated via a single lever (EasyDrive system)
- Color levers allow staff to quickly identify desired movement functions (optional)
- Remote Vision Center for sterile bedside control (optional)
​- Custom fit drapes available

Image Quality

- 1k x 1k image matrix for high resolution
​- Over 4,000 shades of gray

Ziehm Vision²

 The new standard in mobile imaging

Ziehm Vision² delivers high-quality imaging with low dose exposure on a footprint of just 0.8 m². It features a compact C-arm and monitor cart with an intuitive touchscreen user interface as well as two 19” flatscreen monitors. It has a high-resolution CCD camera that detects over 4,000 shades of gray. The monoblock generator’s unique liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) is specially designed for extended use in operating theaters, making the Ziehm Vision² ideal for a wide range of clinical applications such as general surgery, orthopedics, and traumatology.