Ziehm Vision R - Aortic Heart Valve Implantation


- Generator technology: Powerful 7.5 kW or 20 kW monoblock generator with rotating anode for optimal image quality

- Short, sharp pulses (up to 30 frames per second) for crystal-clear images even during significant anatomical movement

- Advanced Active Cooling for optimal generator temperature during challenging procedures

- Endoscopic monitor displays fluoroscopic and color endoscopy images in parallel (optional)

Ease of Use

-Dedicated SmartVascular software improves workflow in vascular procedures

- Intuitive use with SmartEye technology

- Synchronized touchscreen user interfaces (Ziehm Vision Center) on C-arm and monitor cart

- Steer and brake functions activated via a single lever (EasyDrive system)

- Color levers allow staff to quickly identify desired movement (optional)

- Custom fit drapes available

Image Quality

- 1k x 1k image matrix for high resolution
- Over 4,000 shades of gray
​- PreMag (preview function) for quick, radiation-free magnification

Ziehm Vision R

 Powerful solution for excellent mobile imaging

Ziehm Vision R is the perfect choice for demanding procedures in neurosurgery, vascular surgery and cardiac applications. The powerful monoblock generator with rotating anode delivers up to 20 kW power, enabling Ziehm Vision R to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure. This high-frequency pulse generator operates with a variable pulse width between 4 ms and 50 ms. It also comes with a unique liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) and is specially designed for extended use in operating theaters. Ziehm Vision R features two 19" flatscreen monitors, which clearly visualize the smallest anatomical details even from a distance or at an angle.