The XPERT® 40

Specimen Radiography System

Whether in the biopsy suite, the pathology lab, or the OR nothing beats the XPERT® 40 in terms of versatility and speed. When you need to identify the finest details in the widest range of specimens in the shortest possible time.


- Affords unprecedented specimen visualization into excised tissue with digital mammography quality

- Easy to use, with a touchscreen option and a full suite of annotation tools

- Mobile design allows easy transport between departments

- Uses most common specimen containers to reduce cost and preserve specimen integrity for pathology

- Includes an integrated high resolution optical camera for side-by-side image comparison

- Provides five times the magnification for increased visibility to detect the smallest abnormalities

- Benchtop or tower configuration available 


Detector Size                 5" x 6" (12 cm x 15 cm)

                                    8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm)

Spatial Resolution          10 lp/mm, contact mode 

                                    15 lp/mm, 1.5x mag mode

                                    20 lp/mm, 2x mag mode

Energy Range                10 - 50 kV

Tube Current                 up to 1.0 mA 

Window Filtration           0.005" beryllium 

Focal Spot                     50 µm, nominal 

Power                           90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA 

Wireless Connectivity     Standard 

DICOM Interface            Annotate, store, Print and Modality Work List  

Size (W x D x H)            23" x 23" x 50" (58 x 58 x 127 cm)  

Weight                          250 lbs. (136 kg)