The Mozart® System ​

The most accurate margin analysis available 
Only the MOZART® System uses 3-D Tomosynthesis technology for intraoperative breast specimen imaging. It enables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation, provides clear images of targeted lesions through obstructions like dense tissue or skin and creates true 3-D images of breast specimens in 1mm slices in a single operation. It may be used with any specimen containers and compressed or uncompressed specimens.


- Largest detector size (12 cm x 15 cm)

- 3-D Tomosynthesis and 2-D X-ray imaging

- Integrated high resolution optical camera

- K-VIEW Composite Imaging, a single composite 2-D view of the 3-D data set

- DICOM compliant, multiple wireless image transmission to PACS with a single click

- Remote online diagnostic and training capability

- Images available in seconds

- No proprietary specimen containers required

- Adjustable height for monitor and keyboard

- Zero warm-up time and auto-calibration

- Anti-microbial surfaces


Detector Size                              12cm x 15cm                                                    

Spatial Resolution                       10 lp/mm, contact mode 

Energy Range                             10 - 50 kV

Tube Current                              up to 1.0 mA

Window Filtration                        0.005" beryllium

Focal Spot                                  50 µm, nominal

Integrated Optical Camera           13 Megapixel Standard

Power                                        90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA

DICOM Features                         Annotate, Store, Send, MWL

Size (WxDxH)                            24" x 23" x 57", (61 x 58 x 145 cm)

Weight                                      300 lbs. (136 kg)