Molecular Breast Imaging

CMR has Digitizing Molecular Breast Imaging: Earlier versions of this technology were introduced roughly 15 years ago. The LumaGEM represents a significant leap forward in technology and performance with fully digital, dual head camera detectors. With these improvements, LumaGEM customers have been able to identify cancers as small as 5mm in women with dense breast tissue, with greater than 90% sensitivity and specificity.

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PPE Personal Protection

KN 95 Face Masks

N 95 Masks

Face Shields


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Kubtec® Medical Imaging

Kubtec® is the leading manufacturer of imaging systems that enable medical professionals to provide the best quality of care for patients. Pioneering advances, such as 3D breast specimen tomosynthesis and low-dose, high resolution neonatal imaging, are redefining healthcare standards for the 21st century. All Kubtec® products are made with pride in the USA.

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Image Diagnostics Inc.

IDI is a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment and accessories for surgical and diagnostic imaging applications. Our company focus is on mobile equipment solutions for these applications, including C-arm compatible tables and mobile video display systems. IDI is headquartered in a modern 38,000 sq. ft. facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, where IDI products are both designed and manufactured.
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In our Surgical imaging tables business area, we offer specialty tables for minimally invasive procedures, with pricing, safety and features optimized for both in- and outpatient settings. The STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table with its low-dose capabilities, is optimized for advanced mobile Hybrid OR settings as well as peripheral and interventional procedures.
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Ziehm Imaging

Mobile X-ray imaging is our core competency. Our research work is clearly focused on intraoperative imaging and innovative X-ray technology. We invest heavily in research and development to the benefit of both our patients and clinical users. Each year, Ziehm Imaging channels over 15 percent of revenue into the development of new products. 80 percent of the products in the company’s portfolio are less than three years old.

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