IDI’s extensive laboratory and field research with end users has resulted in a cost- effective, efficient mobile medical display system.

  • Mobile

  • Large High Bright Monitors

  • Multiple Video Inputs

  • Flexible Monitor Positioning



The MDS is a portable image management system that, combined with the onboard video router, displays multi-modality images on high definition (HD) monitors mounted on counterbalanced articulating arms that have extraordinary range of motion and positioning.

  • Place monitors where needed in a stacked, split, side by side, staggered or an over-the-table position.

  • Manage multi-modality HD images and sources, and display them in picture-in-picture (PIP), split screen or wide screen mode.

  • Store a wide range of accessory devices including endoscopy cameras, light sources, DVR, printer, electro cautery and many other devices.