For many years, MAVIG has been the first choice for many practices and hospitals for ceiling suspension and radiation protection systems.

The quality of MAVIG systems and their optimized design is suited for use in both hospitals or radiological practices. The systems feature maximum safety and high flexibility.

The MAVIG life cycle testing ensures 100 percent quality of all products delivered. Furthermore, the products are UL and CE certified. MAVIG has been certified according to ISO EN 13485-2003 by the TÜV product service.

The Portegra2 system is the innovative solution for the protection of the head, eyes, thyroid gland, upper arms and extremities from scattered radiation.

Monitor and device support

The Portegra2 is more than just a suspension system for radiation protection and lamps.

The system features high load-bearing capacity ranges. This results in great mobility: Many devices, that used to block floor space, can now be suspended from the ceiling eliminating annoying and dangerous tripping hazards.

Devices can be safely secured to docks or other support structures. Customized ceiling supports complete our portfolio and offer a solution for nearly every application.

Support arms

Radiation protection shields, lamps, monitors, injectors, and other accessories can be attached and positioned as required.

The extension-spring-arm combination offers a large range of different load bearing categories:

  • Long reach capacity with an extension arm of 75 cm (30 in) or 95 cm (37.5 in) and spring arm of 91 cm (36 in)
  • Multiple load bearing categories allow weights up to 18.0 kg (39.7 lbs)

In addition:

  • Shock-absorbing, plastic covers protect from collision damage
  • Internal steel cable provides safe support even after many years of service
  • Specially designed collar guarantees a firm connection with the equipment


Many years of development have led to MAVIG’s unique steel columns. The proven construction, sturdy design, and numerous tests ensure the highest level of safety available.

Portegra2 columns from MAVIG are suitable for an installation in a MAVIG ceiling track as well as a stationary installation.

360° – Column with carriage (trolley) or stationary mounted:

  • 360° rotation at the lower pin
  • Upper pin electrified
  • Load capacity 18 kg (40 lbs) each

Twin – Column with carriage (trolley) or stationary mounted:

  • One electrified pin, one standard pin at the same height
  • Load capacity 18 kg (40 lbs) each

Safety Feature – Brake:

  • Standard for all support systems with a carriage
  • Holds the carriage at a fixed position inside the ceiling track
  • Provides additional safety during use


Modern technology enables optimal examination and operation conditions:

Plastic depth illumination,
Daylight characteristics,
Reduction of heat dissipation to an absolute minimum,
High-contrast RA96 color reproduction in order to recognize finest color nuances in tissues


All of MAVIG’s X-ray protective shields made of lead acrylic have a lead equivalent of 0.50 mm. They provide optimal radiation protection as well as intelligent safety features.

Our shields provide excellent optical transmittance, rounded corners and edges, and shatter-proof materials minimize the risk of injury.

The safety lock, the easy-to-guide handle and the specially designed MAVIG connection element provide additional safety.

Ceiling track

The ceiling track is suited for universal use of ceiling-guided accessories, including radiation protective shields, lamps, injectors, and other equipment:

  • The unique structure profile ensures smooth running of the carriage
  • Adjustable cross-struts simplify the system installation
  • With little force, the installed system can be moved and positioned
  • The carriage glides smoothly, even after many years of routine use
  • Cable holders keep the cables of the accessory equipment cleared
  • Automatic cable spooler for lamps
  • Various possibilities to combine accessories for multiple carriages in one MAVIG ceiling track

Lengths: Standard lengths of 250 cm (98 in.) and 400 cm (157 in.), other lengths available upon request.


Portegra2 Ceiling Suspension System

The new worldwide standard for equipment support and radiation protection systems