Lower Body Protection
Lower body protection systems are an integral part of every radiation protection concept. They reduce secondary radiation substantially.

Mobile Shields

MAVIG produces mobile shields from the most modern protective materials in a variety of options. Of course, we also welcome specific needs of our clients in addition to our standard offerings.


Monitor Suspension Systems
For many years, MAVIG has been the first choice among monitor suspension systems. The stable, high-quality systems are optimally designed for routine use in the hospital or the radiological practice.

X-Ray Protection & System Solutions

The brand name MAVIG is synonym for premium quality medical technology and personal protective equipment, as used in hospitals and medical practice.

The product range includes ceiling suspended and table mounted x-ray protective systems, mobile shields, suspension systems for e.g. monitors and lamps, radiation protective observation windows and curtains as well as personal protective equipment and accessories.

Portegra2 Ceiling Suspension System

The new worldwide standard for equipment support and radiation protection systems

Personal Protection

Whether personal protective equipment for the medical personnel or accessories for X-ray technology – every single product is subject to high quality directives and test procedures before being declared marketable.