The XPERT®80

Specimen Radiography System

Dedicated specimen imaging for Pathology

When it comes to imaging routine gross specimens in the pathology lab, experts rely on the proven power of the XPERT® 80 system for unsurpassed image quality and immediate confirmation of breast tissue margins.

“We love our Kubtec XPERT 20 specimen imaging machine!  Before we had it, to image a specimen during a stereotactic biopsy, we had to take the specimen to another mammogram room to get a picture. With the Kubtec we image the specimen on the counter right in the room and in less than 60 seconds the Doctor is seeing a magnified image of the specimen cores. It is very fast and efficient!”  
Kathy Anicker, RTRM                                                                                                                     Kearney Breast Center, Longview WA


The Mozart® System

With TomoSpec® Technology

The most accurate margin analysis available

Only the Mozart® System uses 3-D Tomosynthesis technology for intraoperative breast specimen imaging. It enables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation, provides clear images of targeted lesions through obstructions like dense tissue or skin and creates true 3-D images of breast specimens in 1mm slices in a single operation. It may be used with any specimen containers and compressed or uncompressed specimens.

The XPERT® 20

Specimen Radiography System

Largest imaging area - Smallest footprint

​The XPERT® 20 captures more cores in a single image than any other system with five times the imaging area. It provides the highest resolution images in seconds, to instantly identify the most challenging microcalcifications. Uses most common specimen containers to reduce cost and preserve specimen integrity for pathology. The XPERT® 20 is not only the most powerful core imaging solution for the biopsy suite it is also easy to use, with a touch screen option, a full suite of annotation tools and it wirelessly transmits multiple images to PACS with a single click.

The XPERT® 80-L

Specimen Radiography System

The largest detector in a cabinet system

When you need to capture images of the largest specimens, you need the largest detector. The XPERT® 80-L is the most reliable pathology radiography system with the largest detector for imaging the largest gross specimens.

The GammaPro

Node and seed localization system

Detects even the deepest nodes

The GammaPro™ delivers the most sensitive and precise method for detecting radioactive seeds or locating sentinel nodes. Best-in-class signal detection to locate the deepest nodes in the densest tissue. Providing the most powerful and efficient state-of-the-art signal detection, it can pinpoint seed locations at up to 8 cm depth in breast tissue. Designed to locate the deepest nodes and radioactive seeds in all body types. Enables the most sensitive and accurate method for Radioactive Seed Location (RSL) and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB). It includes instant audio and visual feedback to the operator.

Pathology Applications

The KUB® 250

Neonatal Imaging System

The highest resolution at the lowest dose

​​The only portable radiography system designed specifically for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. When it comes to X-ray imaging, the tiny patients in the NICU can be the most challenging.

Specimen Radiography Applications

Neonatal Imaging

Kubtec® Medical Imaging

The XPERT® 40

Specimen Radiography System

The largest detector in its class

The XPERT® 40 is easy to use, with a touchscreen option, full suite of annotation tools, mobile/easily transported between departments and uses the most common specimen containers to reduce cost and preserve specimen integrity for pathology. It includes an integrated high resolution optical camera for side-by-side image comparison, five times the magnification for increased visibility to detect the smallest abnormalities and affords unprecedented specimen visualization with digital mammography quality. Benchtop configuration is available. Whether in the biopsy suite, the pathology lab or the OR nothing beats the XPERT® 40 Specimen Radiography System in terms of versatility and speed.