"The KUB 250 System is easy to use and move and features an articulation arm for decubitus view. The image resolution is amazing, comparable to CT quality images. Bone scan density - which is excellent - can also show catheter and PICC line placement. The KUB 250 System is more compact, and quieter to operate. The KUB 250 System offers lower dose with high resolution."

Dr Rajesh Sharma

Consultant Neonatologist

BrightPoint Hospital and NMC Group of Hospitals

KUB® 250 Technique: 50kVp, 1.4mAs 

The KUB® 250

Neonatal Imaging System

The need for higher resolution - Managing patient risk through dose reduction

The only portable radiography system designed specifically for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The unique challenges of the NICU require a dedicated system. Neonates are at a higher risk from radiation than any other patient group. Studies suggest that cancer risks based on radiation exposure in ELBW are underestimated. The KUB® 250 uses a CMOS detector to capture high resolution images at a lower dose than any other portable system. It is compact and highly maneuverable; designed to fit conveniently between cots and Isolettes in a busy NICU.


- The highest resolution and lowest dose of any portable radiography system, enabling clear visualization of     PICC line placement down to 1.0 French

- Image contrast is optimized specifically for the challenging anatomy of neonates

- Compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver, the small, flat-panel digital detector fits directly into the           Isolette slot; no need to disturb the infant

- Minimizes the risk that the care givers' fingers will be exposed to radiation

- An extending arm and rotating collimator to enable easy and accurate positioning for AP and lateral views

- Rapid image display in less than 1 second - Images are available instantly. Where you want them, when       you want them

- DICOM compliant image acquisition and analysis software

- Single click send of multiple images to PACS

- Easy to use touch screen monitor

- Reject analysis feature to track quality of care

- Exposure index for the highest quality images

- Integrated bar code scanner for workflow efficiency


​Detector Resolution     5.2 lp/mm (96 µm), contact mode           

Detector Size              8" x 10" (20 cm x 25 cm)

Energy Range             40 - 100 kV

Tube Current              up to 30mA

Window Filtration        2.5 mm Al

Focal Spot                  1.2 mm x 1.2 mm

Power                        90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

DICOM Interface         Annotate, Store, Print, and Modality Work List

Size (W x D x H)         24" x 41" x 63" (61 x 104 x 160 cm)

Weight (base unit)      300 lbs (140 kg)

Cohen, et al - Quality Assurance: Radiographic exposure for neonatal chest radiographs. A comparison study at 4 academic hospitals. Kubtec™ data on file.

The Need for Higher Resolution

Placement of PICC lines can present a challenge. In this KUB® 250 System image a 1.2 Fr line is clearly visible.